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Jackson Masonic Lodge #48 A.F. & A.M. is an integral part of this community. The lodge members are active in many local, state and national events.

We host OES, Shrine Club, Daughters of the Nile, and the Knights Templar here at our Lodge.
Master Masons are cordially invited to attend our Stated Communications on the 1st Monday of each month. Lodge opens at 7:30 PM

Membership in Jackson Masonic Lodge is available by application to men who meet all requirements set
forth by the Masonic Grand Lodge of Wyoming.


The first established lodge in Wyoming was in Cheyenne. It was granted a dispensation by the Grand Lodge of Colorado, February 29, 1868. December 15, 1874, The Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Mason of Wyoming organized in Laramie. It consisted of four Lodges, three working under charters by the Grand Lodge of Colorado: Cheyenne Lodge No. 16, Laramie Lodge No. 18, and Evanston Lodge No. 24. The fourth, Wyoming Lodge No. 28, South Pass City was chartered by the Grand Lodge of Nebraska.
The Grand Lodge of Colorado genealogy goes through the Grand Lodges of Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia; then, directly to the four Lodges which composed the Grand Lodge of London and Westminster, later calling itself the Grand Lodge of England 1717- 1813. Also the Ancient Grand Lodge of England comprised of Scottish and Irish Masons as well as unaffiliated English Lodges in England, it existed from 1751 until 1813, when the United Grand Lodge of England was created from the two Grand Lodges. They are now called the Ancients, in contrast to the Moderns, the original Grand Lodge who had moved away from the ritual of Scotland and Ireland.
Genealogy also traces through the 33 Lodges comprising the Grand Lodge of Scotland 1736, as well as the Grand Lodge of Ireland which is the second most senior Grand Lodge of Freemasons in the world, and the oldest in continuous existence. Since no specific record of its foundation exists, 1725 is the year celebrated in Grand Lodge anniversaries: the oldest reference to Grand Lodge of Ireland comes from the Dublin Weekly Journal of 26 June 1725.
The genealogy of the Grand Lodge of Nebraska trace it origin through the Grand Lodges of Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina and the Grand Lodges of England, Scotland and Ireland, from there back to ancient times
Jackson Lodge No. 48 was issued a dispensation to work by the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Wyoming, May 29, 1929. It received its Charter on August 28, 1930; thus becoming an extension of the previously mentioned genealogy.
Jackson Masons first met during the early winter of 1928-1929. The group met to decide the formation of a lodge since the nearest Masonic Lodge was Franklin Lodge No. 31, Pinedale Wyoming. This group consisted of 11 members of various lodges; all but four were members from outside the state of Wyoming. These 11 men who became charter members of Jackson Loge No. 48.

These 11 Masons all lived within a 30 mile radius of Jackson.
The only place available for meeting was in the old Forest Service Reserve warehouse and blacksmith-shop building. There were no curtains, instead old elk hides were tacked up on the windows. With the temperatures sometimes reaching to 40 below zero, members were forced to meet huddled around the stove.
Franklin Lodge No. 31, Pinedale, assisted the Brothers in Jackson to form their Lodge. John A. Evans was the first Worshipful Master of Jackson Lodge No. 48. The other charter members were installed as officers of the Lodge.
Approximately one month after receiving its Charter, the Lodge was duly constituted by Joseph M. Lowndes, acting for the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Wyoming. The officers under the Charter were the same as those under dispensation, except for Raymond C. Kent and Homer C. Richards, who were the first two petitioners of the Lodge while working under dispensation. They were also installed as officers.
Since receiving its dispensation and Charter, Jackson Lodge No. 48 occupied several different sites; among them, the Old Oddfellows Hall on the Southwest corner of the town Square at the corner of Cache and Broadway. This was the site when the Lodge was duly Constituted, Lodge also met at the St. John’s Guild room during the 1940’s. This site is approximately on or near the Episcopal Parish Hall. Jackson Lodge No. 48 also met in the upstairs rooms of the community ski shelter at Snow King Mountain. In 1962, the current Masonic Temple was purchased from the Latter Day Saints Church. The Lodge held its first meeting in this location on September 17, 1962. The Lodge Hall was formally dedicated November 19, 1962 by the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Wyoming

Prepared and condensed from a document I wrote for the Wyoming Centennial Celebration in 1990, submitted to Jackson Lodge No. 48 A.F. & A.M. this first day December 2014 for the purpose of preserving and passing on some historical memory of our Lodge.

Thomas G. Needham, PM


Charter Members of Jackson Lodge #48, AF & AM

Clarence E. Blain, Adin Lodge No. 250 Adin, California
Clark Brody, Altar Lodge No. 362 Urbana, Iowa
Charles H. Brown, Brockway Lodge No. 316 Yale, Michigan
Felix Buckenroth Sr., Franklin Lodge No. 31 Pinedale, Wyoming
Harold M. Elkins, Livingston Lodge No. 32, Livingston, Montana
John A. Evans, Hiram Lodge No. 68, Leavenworth, Kansas
Arthur C. McCain, Franklin Lodge No. 31, Pinedale, Wyoming
William Mercill, Eagle Rock Lodge No. 19, Idaho Falls, Idaho
Ernest G. Van Leuwen, Malta Lodge No. 465 Grand Rapids, Michigan
Clarence R. Van Vleck Franklin Lodge No. 31 Pinedale, Wyoming
Frank E. Van Vleck, Franklin Lodge No. 31 Pinedale, Wyoming