First Annual Zimmer Invitational Classic

Brother Bob Zimmer shows his classic putting style

How many Masons does it take to sink a putt?

The First Annual Zimmer Invitational Classic was a complete success. Sunny weather, good friends, and great golf was the order of the day.  We had two foursomes, and play was lively and swift. At the end of the day, everyone agreed it was worth a “2nd Annual Zimmer Inv. Classic”









A tip of the hat to Brother Mark Grove, the man with the plan for the "Zimmer Classic"

The world...









Bob tees one up






may never...







Bob smacks another one.




Inspite of his taste in fashion, Bob swings a mean club.





know. (You would think Zim was x-WYDOT not Sherrif!)




"Best putt of the day" for our foursome went to Brother Mark Grove.











After tallying the scores, the winner was Brotherly Love & Friendship.

Lance Ash,  Josh M,  Mark M, Zim,  Mark G,  & Christian A  enjoy the post match air-conditioning with a Libation, or two, or….

(Good thing the Jr Warden was there to prevent intemperance.)

Lodge clean up

The Lodge clean up went very well.

Five Brothers heard the Call to Labor and honored their Cable Tow.

Brothers Christian Andersen

Mark Grove

Chris Schroeder

McNeil Watson

Tom Needham

Spent most of Saturday cleaning and beautifying the Lodge, making it look like we still live there.

MANY people passing on the street saw the activity, and now know we are there.

Lets take the time to honor these dedicated Brothers.

Mark feels like a King after putting in the new horseshoe pits!

Grove lends a hand

Brother Needham digs in.

Tom finally takes a break

Building committee chairman Andersen views with satisfaction the results of his powerful leadership.


Fellowcraft degree Monday the 28th @ 7PM for Dan Hady & Drew Rush.

Welcome to Jackson Hole Wyoming

Welcome to Wyoming

The Jackson Masonic Lodge # 48 welcomes you to beautiful Jackson Hole Wyoming.