2015 Shrine Events

The year 2015 was a sad year for the Cutter Races!  Mother Nature had other plans and we had to cancel our beloved race.  We were able to capture donations from other events to support the Shriners Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake through other avenues.

We were invited to the Snow Mobile Challenge in Bounderaunt.  We also were able to hold a small cutters race in Rigby Idaho!  Joni Harms also held a benefit concert along with the long time local favorite Kip Attaway!  All proceeds went directly to the Hospital.  The Elks Lodge in Jackson also surprised the Club with a donation of $1000 from a bowling tournament in which we were unaware of.

All of this support shows just how much a part the Shrine Club is within our lovely community.  We are so proud to be a part of Jackson Hole and how much Jackson Hole embraces our Shrine Club!


Rod 3

Prez Rod in the freezing cold collecting donations for the Hospital in Bounderaunt!
Rod 4
Rod 5
rod 6

Rod and Wane Grimm at the Bounderaunt Snowmobile Race Track putting up Sponsor Banners.